Xol Flower: Cosmic Psychic Sorceress

This is the third addition to the continuing Underwater Crystal Zone saga. This mostly-silent issue introduces new character Xol Flower and provides some insight into the mystery of The Second Bird Chakra. Originally printed with a color cover and black and white line art interiors. Copies are still available in the shop.

Underwater Crystal Zone One

This was my first print minicomic, which was created for trading at L.A. Zine Fest 2012. These comics were pretty much improvised. Copies of UWCZ #1 are available in the shop.

Path of the Ten Thousand Fireflowers

Originally printed for the Alternative Press Expo (APE) convention in 2012, this is the sequel to the first Underwater Crystal Zone comic. Immortal portal gods command a dude to penetrate a sealed door within his mind, in order to access the Path of the Ten Thousand Fireflowers. Along the way, he makes a few new friends, including another himself. Path of the Ten Thousand Fireflowers is still available as a print comic in the Underwater Crystal Zone shop.

Escape from Cubicleland!

A cosmic hip-hop comic book odyssey full of weird transformations, energy projection and illustrated raps. The printing of Escape from Cubicleland was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Kickstarter backers in 2014! Copies are available in the Underwater Crystal Zone shop.

Death of the Turquoise Earthhawk

Two beings from opposite ways of life battle to control the power of the legendary TURQUOISE EARTHHAWK! A short story created just for the internet.